Short Term Exchange Program (STEP)

YEP7070_Gallery_27STEP is a short-term youth exchange program based upon a reciprocal Family to Family exchange. The program is for young people between the ages of 15 to 19 years at the time of the exchange and is only open to Rotarian families and families recommended by Rotary Clubs.

Candidates are expected to be bright, outgoing, adaptable, friendly, well-spoken and generally good ambassadors for Canada and for Rotary. Each family is responsible for co-ordinating mutually agreeable dates and flights for the exchange with the matching family. Usually a student will spend 3 to 5 weeks overseas with the host family then the two students travel together in the middle leg of the exchange and spend 3 to 5 weeks with the other family before that student returns home. Exchanges with Northern hemisphere countries are completed during the summer months but Southern hemisphere exchanges may be offset by 6 months so students can travel during their respective summer holidays.

Each family covers the cost of travel for their student and are expected to treat the visiting student like a member of their family. In each case the hosting family is responsible for food and lodging but students are responsible for their own spending money.

YEP7070_Gallery_26The exchange is administered through the District Youth Exchange Program and will make every effort to find a match for participants in their preferred countries. Local Rotary Clubs have the necessary Application Forms. Candidates should contact their local Rotary Club Youth Exchange Officer for more information.